Tony Saunders


** THIS IMAGE CONTAINS RESTRICTIONS ** This image provided by Tony Saunders shows Saunders displaying a wolf he shot south of Bondurant, Wyo., on April 6, 2008. Gray wolves in the Northern Rockies are being hunted freely for the first time since they were placed on the endangered species list three decades ago, and nowhere is that easier than Wyoming. With wolves now off the list, most of the state with the exception of the Yellowstone area has been designated a “predator zone,” where wolves can be shot at will. (AP Photo/courtesy of Tony Saunders) ** NO SALES **


Appassionata di tutto e di niente, cerca quotidianamente di combattere la sindrome da "Nessuna ne fa e cento ne pensa". Non essendo ancora riuscita a scoprire cosa farà da grande, non le resta che provare ... un giorno scoprirà il suo talento!


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